Cloud-based automation becomes a reality


Introducing XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Control System, a revolutionary hardware and software product providing Distributed and Supervisory control along with a stunning User Interface, Alarms and Historical information–and the best report generator–in one small package whose closest rival costs ten times more.

XiO has reinvented SCADA–Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

Today, this proven Cloud SCADA technology has been deployed by XiO into four large markets, but it is applicable to many more markets as the control system for the so-called Internet of Things has finally been invented.  Long-sought, the solution is now at hand, and it is XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System.

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XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Control System

XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System is not an incremental improvement in control systems. We have completely re-engineered and re-invented the control system. The result is now proven.  Cloud-based automation done right.

The Two Parts to XiO’s
Cloud SCADA Control System

The XiO Cloud-based solution is simply made up of two parts.  The first part is in the Cloud, running on secure servers managed and maintained by IT professionals.

XiO Field Installable Unit

The second part of the XiO Cloud SCADA Control System is the hardware onsite in your facility, factory or building.  It is onsite, connected to your process, to your sensors and actuators. The hardware onsite at your site does the realtime control–measuring, deciding, turning things on and off–that is essential to any controller and is independent of the Internet or the Cloud.  Ten years in the making and industrially tested and qualified, this onsite unit–that we call a Field Installable Unit or FIU–contains a number of very common components and one very special module called Soft-I/O® which is the controller that makes Cloud-based automation possible.  Soft-I/O is unlike any other control system in the world because one part number replaces hundreds of modules, power supplies and terminal blocks. The magic of Soft-I/O is that each connector pin is electrically configurable.  So, Soft-I/O can directly connect to virtually any sensor or actuator.   Directly, without specialized I/O modules or complex wiring.  A three-wire sensor connects to any three of Soft-I/O’s 25 pins.  A two-wire actuator, a contactor, for example could replace that sensor in another application and use two of the same pins!   And Soft-I/O directly provides the power for both sensors and actuators.  The result is dramatically simplified wiring and–at the same time–an enormous reduction in part count and system complexity. dsc_0839fx7sm

Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture

Soft-I/O also contains a built in peer-to-peer network architecture. The result is that Soft-I/O automatically seeks out its peers and seamlessly exchanges control information–in engineering units–across the Local Area Network (LAN) which utilizes standard IP technology. Before we have even talked about the Cloud-based part of XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System, we have described a powerful Distributed Control System (DCS). This is not an incremental improvement. We have re-invented the control system.

Cloud-based Automation

The second part of XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System is in the Cloud.  We have made it simple because we take full advantage of the magic of Soft-I/O.  Just as our Distributed Control System seeks out its peers, the FIU hardware at your site is therefore made up of identical controllers automatically maintaining a connection to the Cloud as well as each other. This is not an incremental improvement. We have re-engineered the control system.

In the Cloud, the XiO Cloud SCADA servers do advanced control that is simply not practical with an onsite control system. Our Cloud-based automation can do the what-if’s that are best done with powerful servers. Given the anticipated weather, last year’s historic water use, the pump efficiencies, the electrical rates, when is the best time to pump water, and with which pumps? The simple answer is that it depends. That’s what XiO servers are good at, and that is a big advantage of XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System.

The FIU hardware containing the magic Soft-I/O module is harnessed to provide onsite, local control, autonomous and separate from the Cloud. When we couple Soft-I/O with the Cloud, we take autonomous control to advanced control with all that you expect from the most advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems including:

  • Exceptional User Interface
  • Advanced Logic Control Included
  • Data logging
  • Trending
  • Alarming
  • Historian
  • Advanced Graphing
  • Optimization including energy optimization
  • Accountability
  • Remote visualization
  • Report generation of operational data

We re-thought the User Interface of the control system.  XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System takes full advantage of the latest web-enabled devices–tablets, smart phones and every type of computer.  We have eliminated proprietary software and interfaces and allow you to connect directly to the Cloud from anywhere in the world with the same security model that your bank uses.

A Final Thought in Introducing
XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System

We ask you to think about this: would you rather manage four or more different hardware and software vendors–or–know that you can turn to one vendor for support of a single controller component? With a four-vendor solution, you need to integrate and support:

  • the PC vendor
  • the PC operating system vendor
  • the SCADA software vendor
  • the PLC vendor.
  • the Local System Integrators
    • the PLC programmer
    • the SCADA software programmer

What if that single vendor’s price was 7%–a tiny fraction–of the four-vendor solution?  What if this SCADA system arrived via UPS and required no site visit by anybody except a licensed electrician and perhaps an operator.  And what if this control system was always up to date?

We are that single-vendor solution.  We are XiO.

Please come with us and explore how we have re-engineered the control system. Built by some of the top experts in the industry with a proven track record in complex industrial systems, XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control System is the logical next step when you think about it.  We are eager to share the story with you.

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